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I came to the conclusion, during an early morning thought session with a hot cup of tea, that the result of experiencing beauty ... is joy.  And I felt it was worth exploring.


My thoughts go to moments of great beauty.  For instance, standing in this basin pictured above, with my adorable wife, in complete wilderness with no-one else around, listening to hear the depth of the silence we were experiencing.  The sun was beginning to warm the colors of the mountains around us as the sun rose, and the reflections of the granite mountain before us were so vivid.

At moments like this, the feeling that wells up inside of us involuntarily...is joy.  Raw joy. Fortunately I had the most precious person in my life to share it with at that moment.  My response was to look for Angie...to see if she was feeling the same joy as I was?  The joy was somehow better because she was there too.  


My wife's response to joy, many times , is to pull the iPhone out and start shooting video, or taking stills and selfies.  Which I'm glad she does later on ... when back in civilization.  But at the moment, it seems to interrupt the incredible experience of the moment. 


Other things are so beautiful in life, that they bring on great joy to see them.  How about your cat all cuddled up in a ball, resting contentedly with it's tail wrapped around it's front paws for warmth.  That beautiful sight can make you smile. 


Or how about a father, teaching his young daughter how to fish?  That's a beautiful sight.  The result is feeling joy inside, that warmth we all know.


So what's the point of this writing?  It's that somehow we are scripted to feel joy, when we see beautiful things.  Think about Heaven.  Golden streets, a pearl gate, jewels bedecking the foundations of the city.  Obviously, the One who created us, made these beautiful things for us ... knowing that joy would come to us as a result.   If it's in the divine plan, then we can know that beauty & joy are definitely connected.  It's also nice, that He wants to do that for us.


In summary, photography can be a means of capturing moments of great beauty, so that when people see them, they can experience joy.  That's a perfect-enough reason to go on capturing as much beauty in life as we can...with our digital cameras...ie  so that others can feel joy.  

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