B  L  U  N  T  photographic





That’s strange phrasing.  But think about it.  When you filled out the sections for your resume, what did you mark down in the section called “Interests”?  That could tell you a lot about how you perceive your own “brand”…and how you really want to be seen by others.


“A brand is the essence of one’s own unique story.  The key … is reaching down and pulling out the authentic, unique “you”.   -Paul Biederman


While we’re working in our careers, many adopt the career “look”, ie the short cropped hair for men, nice business clothing, we drive a certain kind of car, etc.  But is that the “you” that you would really like the world to see?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  A lot of it will be determined by whether we work for ourselves or not.  But even if we do have our own company, there is still a “norm” that the business world has...that we adapt our look & lifestyle to. 


So imagine for a second, what would the absolute coolest brand look like for you?  Stretch out a bit with this.  Could you see yourself as a photographer for the Orvis Company, traveling about with fly fishermen, getting cool shots of trout & salmon half-sumberged, & cool wooden fishing dories with dogs in the bow, great close-ups of cool flies, and the weathered hands of the guides, etc?   That was my fantasy-brand.  If you really dug down, what would your "brand" really look like?  Pilot?  Rancher?  Consignment store owner?  Fishing guide?  Fly fishing shop owner?  Dog trainer?  


Kinda’ fun to think about.


Doug BluntComment